APPOINTMENT BOOKING: ALL appointments MUST be made ONLINE. *A credit/debit card is required*

An initial consultation is REQUIRED for ALL NEW CLIENTS. I cannot stress the importance of having this 30 minute meeting to discuss your hair history, habits, products, and goals to attain a realistic plan for your natural hair care. This also gives you the opportunity to assess, rethink, and replan if necessary. A big chop is not for everyone, and natural hair care takes TIME.

When booking your appointment, please select EACH SERVICE that you desire to allow for proper time allotment. ALL services are A la carte, so if you need a Haircut (which is different than, and takes more time than a trim) in addition to your Wash N Go, please select BOTH services at the time of booking. Services not booked in advance during online booking are NOT guaranteed. If you think you'll need a trim, book one in addition to your style, as I cannot guarantee the time to complete an unscheduled service during your visit.

DEPOSITS: A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $50 will be required, in advance, at the time of booking your appointment. This deposit will be applied to services rendered at your appointment. Thus, if your salon services total $95, upon completion of services, your balance is $45, as the deposit has been paid at the time of booking.

CANCELATION: ALL services/appointments MUST BE CANCELED ONLINE WITHIN A MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS. The system will NOT ALLOW appointment cancelation within less than 24 hours, and thus your scheduled appointment is subject to payment in full in the event of a NO CALL NO SHOW. PLEASE MAKE ANY/ALL SCHEDULE CHANGES in advance. Emergencies aside, the system is available 24/7 to schedule at your convenience. 

RESCHEDULING: ALL services/appointments can be rescheduled online 24/7 at your convenience. Keep in mind that if you attempt to add a service at a later date prior to your appointment, there may not be availability, and you will have to reschedule your entire appointment, or keep your appointment as scheduled. 

ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE: Due to Covid-19 restrictions GUESTS, INCLUDING CHILDREN, NO MATTER HOW SMALL, are PROHIBITED from attending your appointment with you. This is a non-negotiable health crisis issue. Please arrive on time for your appointment, and alone. This also affords sufficient time for cleaning and social distancing in between clients. Upon completion of services rendered I asked that you are mindful, and plan to leave immediately to accommodate other clients.

PAYMENT: CASH/CREDIT/DEBIT/DIRECT PAY (Venmo, Zelle, Cash App) ONLY. *Cash only accepted in person upon completion of services