Rimmy Sparkles is a hairstylist, originally from West Virginia. She began her career 10 years ago, and while she has a breadth of experience in hairstyling, her expertise and commitment to styling is rooted in natural haircare. Rimmy is based out of the Philadelphia area, and is a traveling stylist. She frequently host pop-up shops in Columbus, OH., and Charlotte, NC. She has also worked in collaboration with other beauty experts on set. This past summer she was honored to join a team of stylist at Miami Fashion Week, ’16, as Assistant to the lead stylist.

In addition to hairstyling, Rimmy enjoys the opportunity to partner with community organizations and universities on workshops and other events, that offer a space to share, grow, and learn more about the holistic care of oneself. Rimmy is a strong believer that the natural hair journey, as some have called it, extends far beyond your actual hair. Rather, it is an overreaching and boundless journey of loving yourself. Her philosophy to service is to empower people throughout their journey of self-confidence and bringing out true inner beauty. It is no secret that when our hair looks good, we feel good. But what a lot of folks tend to neglect, is that when we feel good inside, that radiates outside. Rimmy, is a stylist who understands the complex relationship that we have with our hair, and how it correlates to the relationship we have with ourselves. Her goal is to develop meaningful relationships with clients, where listening, empowerment, and healthy hair the outcome. That what makes the styling seat so important and impactful….that’s where magic and sparkle happens!